General Services

We provide the Sexsmith community with a wide range of general dentistry services to maintain the oral health of our community.

General Dentistry in Sexsmith Alberta

Comprehensive Dentistry for a Healthy Smile

The dentists at South40 Dental in Sexsmith offer a full range of general dentistry services to meet all your oral health care needs. Our general services include dental hygiene, crowns, fillings, implants, bridges, extractions and root canals. Visit our Sexsmith dental office to learn more. 

Our General Dental Services

Preventive Hygiene

We provide dental check-ups, exams, oral health tips and teeth cleaning.

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Root Canals

Our team offers root canals for patients who may be suffering from tooth pain.

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Crowns & Bridges

You can trust our team to help restore your oral health with crowns and bridges. 

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Wisdom Teeth

 Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted if they are impacted or infected.

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General Extractions

A tooth extraction may be needed if a tooth is broken, decayed or crooked.

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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a routine surgical procedure, which lengthens the bottom of the gum line.

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