Implants Dental Technology in Sexsmith

Our dentists at South 40 Dental Sexsmith in Alberta, offer dental implant technology to better serve our patients. 

Dental Implant Technology, Sexsmith Dentist

Lluma Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner

One of the technologies that we utilize is the Iluma Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner. This imaging technology produces a 3D image of the patient’s mouth. This allows a precision diagnosis.

The surgeon is also able to tell whether it is necessary to perform a bone grafting or sinus lift to complete the total procedure. The 3D technology provides a level of accuracy that dentists can use to make a diagnosis for patients.


Osstell instruments analyze dental implant stability. Osstell ISQ measures the stability of implants using the universal ISQ scale (Implant Stability Quotient).

The ISQ values help dentists determine the optimal time to load each implant, preventing failure caused by premature loading.


The Simplant system is an interactive system which determines the position of each implant with 100% accuracy.

This means that Simplants allows us to place your implant precisely, significantly reducing discomfort for the patient, and improving the overall treatment process.

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